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Jewellery by John

.One-of-a-Kind Creations.

.Custom Design.


  John is quite the artist and, for the most part, has designed all the jewellery you see on this page.  (By the way, John, being British, prefers the British spelling of "jewelry"; hence, "jewellery".)  That means that almost all of John's creations are individual and one-of-a-kind. There ARE a few "favourites" that have been made multiple times, but they are the exception. Also, as a designer, if you see a pattern you like and would like it slightly different, John will customize it for you.

  Please note that the pictures shown below are just a sample of John's work. To see more of what he does, you can arrange for a showing at your home or you can come here to see 100% of his work. Contact John for more information on Home Parties or to make arrangements for a visit here.

  Click on the photos below to access the larger pictures.

  To order any piece showcased here, simply send an email via the Contact Us message form on the Contact Page indicating the item you want.  Payment will be by e-transfer.  Upon receipt of your payment, we will ship the jewelry to you (please add $5 for postage/shipping; not necessary for hand-delivered orders).

Copperwire 1
Copperwire 2
Purple/black/blue beads
Same as previous, but with a Christmas theme
Wire work with red/gold beads
Wire-wrapped stone 1
wire-wrapped stone
Brown beads on gold chain
Pinkish (black background)
Pinkish (white background)
Bold and blue
BLACK  AND SILVER (black background)
BLACK AND SILVER (white background)
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