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Yes, Square Dancing is the best thing EVER, but I do more than that:


(I am currently not accepting new clients.)

For example, I do BOOKKEEPING - note that I don't say "I am a bookkeeper" because I've never been licensed, but I've been doing bookkeeping since 1992, so that's gotta be worth something.  Many people want NOTHING to do with anything remotely close to accounting or bookkeeping.  Me? I LOVE playing with anything that has to do with numbers. I always did like math in school and always did well at it.  Guess that finally carried over into my adult life.  After working in bakeries for several years (yes, bakeries!), I took a Receptionist course at an adult education facility (Willis Business College, in Ottawa) and my first job turned out to be more bookkeeping than reception. Every job since then has been that way.  Now I'm retired from the 9-5 grind, but still keeping up with bookkeeping.

So, let me take the stress off you - YOU focus on building your business. I'LL do the boring, data-entry of bookkeeping.  I DO love it!

My typical client is a small business, generally Single Proprietor. I work from home but make arrangements to meet my clients about once a month to transfer any paper files, whether it's from them to me or me to them.  I live in St-Albert, Ontario, and accept clients from the Quebec border to Carleton Place.  In a 50-60 km range, I will travel to your location for the monthly meeting; anything further than that, I'd just ask that we meet halfway.  There's a Timmie's or Starbucks just about everywhere!

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The other "thing" I do is sell AVON.  Yep!  AVON.

I started selling AVON in August 2018.  Why would I get into that?  Well, several years before, I had a friend who sold AVON and, to support her, I bought some shampoo and conditioner.  Not a huge sale, but I fell in love with the product!  We lost touch, after awhile, and I found another distributor closer to where I live, but that also fizzled out when she gave up the business.  So, what to do?  I needed shampoo and didn't know who to order it from!  So, I decided I'd just have do the business myself.

Since then, I've discovered and fallen in love with several other AVON products - like their Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair body lotion, and AVON Senses Silky Vanilla shower gel, and their Cucina dish soap, and the Collagen Boosting Microneedling Polisher, and ... well, need I go on? 

And did you know AVON sells clothing and jewelry?  Sure, it's a limited amount, but it's pretty nice! And I have 2 clients that regularly buy jewelry because they insist that Avon jewelry is the best!

Ask me for a current catalog and I'll be happy to send it to you.  I'll deliver orders in the Ottawa-Cornwall corridor. But you also have the option to order online and have the order delivered right to your door.  Your choice.

You can find my AVON online boutique here:  Wendy's AVON.

AVON And Wendy

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